The time for NFC to take off has finally come!

It’s around for almost over 3 years. I still remember when Isis (now called Softcard) first introduced their digital wallet solution that was ready to revolutionise how were transactions conducted. Since then there has been a great development in the field, not forgetting the Google wallet of course.

The applications were endless. So were the brand safety and identity issues. However, this did not stop mobile hardware companies adopting it to their devices. As I mentioned before, the technology and its application has been around for years. What lacked towards the mass applicability though, was the adoption from a “trend-setter” that would make it available its audience. That is Apple.

A month ago, Apple finally launched a phone with NFC capabilities. It is not something revolutionary but the company has managed to adopt the market and create something that can actually work and feel safe-to-use by the end consumer. As a result, everyone now speaks of NFC. Even in markets that are not familiar with less advanced technologies. It is perceived that Apple will make NFC available to over 80M consumers. This by its self is big.

Unitag, does an excellent job painting a picture of the future of NFC and the power that has gained since day 1 and how to use it on your mobile marketing campaigns.



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