“There is an app for that” – 10 step guide for a successful app launch

We’ve all dreamed about building our own app. Some of us have actually done it. Whether its data-centric and life-changing one, or a simple game that take you only an hour to beat. But the hard part in today’s app-rich world is not how to build an app but rather how to market your app to reach its audience.

Back in 2009 it was all about launching a creative app that would stand out. But the tables have turned and you really need a perfect app store optimisation strategy  that will boost your reachability and get you to the top 25 list where visibility works its magic.

Our friends from dotcominfoway.com has pulled together a great infographic taking us through the 10 steps of a successful app marketing strategy from development to market. This is a great opportunity to tick-off the things you’ve done so far, and pull your sleeves up to implement the rest.


10 Step Checklist to build and market successful app
Source: Dot Com Infoway – Mobile Apps Marketing Agency


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