Top Mobile News: Emotional ads, Twitter Chat and shopping buttons

Summer is here and the mobile market keep attracting our attention with interesting news and announcements. This week Ad server turned 19, InMobi launced an “emotional” platform while Yahoo proceeded with a new “Data” related acquisition.  In the meantime the social media giants set their sites on m-commerce features that proves to be a potential move for every mobile player.

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  • Mobile advertising turns emotional: InMobi recently launched a new solution aimed to take advantage of ‘gamers’ emotional states to produce high click-through rates on advertisements in their games.
  • Happy Birthday!: The Ad server turned 19 last week, and talks about Ad server 2.0 are growing. Of course mobile is playing a big role the development of the Ad server as we know it.
Image via businessinsider

Image via businessinsider

  • It’s all about the data: Yahoo!, the online search giant announced the acquisition of mobile insights and analytics company Flurry. Yahoo! a mobile first company, per Marissa Mayer, closed the deal with north of $200 million.
  • Mobile and Video dominate in RTB: Mobile and Video Ads Sales are expected to account more that  50% of the total digital sales by 2018. Visualization and mobile lead the  programmatic advertising market.

Image via businessinsider



  • What is the the future of payments? Another excellent read from businessinsider . Check the slide deck here.

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