Top Mobile Weekly News: Playable ads, Xiaomi, Tango project

Welcome to another weekly mobile news post. We decided to change the release date of our report from Mondays to Thursdays as it gives us the opportunity to reflect the most up-to-date information and news that took place during the week.

This week we captured news on payable ads (new trend?), wearable devices and glorious partnerships. Seat back, read and enjoy!

  • Mobile Sharing: Based on the latest sharing trends report twitter and Pinterest are leading the mobile share while users keep sharing basically from their mobile devices.
  • Samsung, Dell and Intel team up: 3 technological giants are working together to establish the Open Interconnect Consortium, an Internet-of-things industry standard to enable communication between smart devices. More details
Image via businessinsider

Image via business-insider

  • Xiaomi rules China: The Chinese smartphone manufacturer continues to see incredible sales growth with more that 15 million devices in Q1. Interestingly, Xiaomi users in China spent 7% more time in apps compared to iPhone users,  which is the 1st time that Android overtakes iOS on device engagement.
  • Location Location Location: Mobile advertising has seen an increasing growth on Ads that are location based. Such is not new, however it is a hot topic amongst marketers. Whether location data passed to advertisers are accurate or not, is a question that we need to answer on another instance.
  • Test before you serve: During MobileBeat 2014, Appboy announced that can test six variants of an Ad at once. Appboy’s multivariate testing helps app developers and marketers try out combinations of messaging, then measure the impact of each on metrics like conversion rate, clickthrough rate, and revenue generated.
7-9-2014 7-01-18 PM

image via twitter



  • Meet Google’s Project Tango(Video) that aims to use mobile devices as tool of interaction with the enviroment. Tango project as part of the instore shopping experience:

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