Mobile doesn’t work for you? You are doing it wrong!

Mobile is huge. We all know that. In 2012 mobile was the size of the entire internet back in 2000. We also know that in the next few years mobile Ad spend will surpass that off desktop. However not everyone in mobile wins and there is still a great area to cover.

But for mobile not to work for you it means you are doing something wrong. Even though it has now gone more complicated than we could ever imagine (don’t get me started on the mobile advertising ecosystem), it’s the fundamentals rules that most of the times brands and businesses fail to effectively apply. Sometimes the simplest thing in mobile, like your design or cross-platform approach, have the most effective outcomes.

Bridget Randoloh shares with us an amazing presentation on what are the 5 things we are doing wrong in mobile with some great backing up stats around the industry. We literally loved her presentation and wanted to share it with you!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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