Advertising across screens

Mobile is not considered a “one-off” campaign anyone. On the contrary, it is perceived as one of the most targeted and personalised advertising strategies. Mobile accounts for over 15% of a CMOs marketing strategy and is an integral part of a successful campaign.

However, in such times, where digital is progressing more than the human race itself, marketers should look further when planning for their digital strategies than just mobile or online only campaigns. We live in a multi-screen world and the need for cross-screen campaigns targeting specific individuals is higher than ever. If you work in digital advertising this is something you hear on a daily basis from your customers and colleagues. As simultaneous screen usage grows (25% in the UK market), a need for a cross-screen strategy is vital.

Towards that trend, and while I was browsing around for various stats on multi-channel and screen advertising, I came across a very interesting study by Millward Brown. The study its self, apart from the fact that is highly interactive and well presented, provides some deep knowledge and great information towards the global trends in multi-screen advertising, user patterns and trends. Some of the facts are even jaw-dropping, with UK daily mobile usage reaching 111 minutes a day, 4 minutes on average more that computer time.

To accompany their study, Millward Brown developed a very interesting video-summary. This is what caught my attention the most and wanted to share it with you:


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