Top Mobile News: Yahoo in OTT market, Beat and 2-horse race

Here we are again with the top weekly news in mobile industry from “Mobile Marketing & Advertising” team. Let’s have closer look on our weekly roundup.

Happy mobile reading!

  • Apple to acquire Beat: What about a reinvented iTunes solution and a new music streaming service? Apple is rumored to acquire Beat a maker of headphones and provider of a music streaming service. As it is reported the acquisition cost will be near  $3.2 billion which would be Apple’s largest acquisition ever. Probably this is “wearable” move. 
  • Yahoo! joins OTT market: It is clear that since its current CEO arrival, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo has transformed its business and significantly increased its revenues. Recently, on NY TechCrunch Disrupt conference, Marissa focused around the importance for Yahoo! on focusing in mobile while building the best apps available.  A late but impactful turn by the search giant.  At the same time company officially joins the attractive OTT market by acquiring the OTT messaging company Blink.


  • Facebook Audience Network: Facebook’s latest real Ad Network missed the world mobile from its description. Facebook has been reportedly making over 40% of their revenue from mobiles. So you would expect them to focus their Ad Network initiatives on mobile. However, early comments are questioning its core score.
  • Pinterest  joins Social Media Ads network : As it expected Pinterest announced its first retail clients for its promoted Pins (Ads). Below graph describes how fast social-native ad spend is expected to increase by 2017.





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