Top Mobile News: Sync, Foursquare split & Snapchat as OTT

Welcome again to our weekly roundup with the best news from the mobile marketing industry.  “Sync” platforms that serves ads on both mobile devises and TV screens, the new strategy behind Foursquare split and the messaging feature in Snapchat stand out from the top weekly news.

Happy mobile reading and as always feel free to share your thoughts.

  • New Native Ad networks: Mobile advertising is growing rapidly with great opportunities for marketers and publishers. While we are entering a new advertising era Twitter(MoPub) and InMobi announced  their new native ad platforms.BI
  • Tablet Market in mature phase: It seems that tablet market is gradually entering a consolidation phase. Apple’s tablet loses market share (32,5%) while the main competitor Samsung had 32% annual growth. Check the full tablet market share here. In the smartphone market Samsung is leading with 30,2% market share while apple and Huwei follows with 15,5% and 4,9% respectively.




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