Top Mobile Weekly News – Microsoft Mobile and new mobile ad company

Here we are again with the top mobile weekly news. This time with a slight delay because of the long holiday weekend across the world. This week we give you an overview of the hottest news in the mobile marketing industry.

Happy Mobile reading and, as always, feel free to share your thoughts.

  • Traditional vs Digital Ads: According to a survey from Adroit, millennials believe that digital ads are more effective in comparison with the traditional ads. Interestingly TV remains a strong influence in perceiving and valuing a brand, followed by social and online ads.
  • 171135Facebook’s Ad Network is getting revealed: Facebook is ready to officially announce its mobile ad network at its “F8″ developers conference in San Francisco. With the mobile ads revenues reaching $1.24 billion in the last  2013, mobiles ads are gradually becoming the core business of the social media giant. Let’s see if marketers are willing to invest on the Facebook ad network. At the same time “Nearby Friends” Facebook will be able to track your location and provide location based feeds and ads.
  • Twitter introduces in-app advertising: Following its MoPub acquisition, Twitter announced that its new mobile advertising application will now be able to reach over 1 billion users. A number only Facebook was able to reach until now.


  • Wearable by Google is real: Google filled a patent for a micro camera in a contact lens. I am wondering how long will it be until advertising breaks into this technology as well.



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