The Current State of Native Advertising

Native advertising is considered a rather new trend in the mobile advertising ecosystem. Native Ads “embed’ in a way on the context of a publisher’s content, generating greater user responses and a more personalised advertising experience. It is no secret that Facebook’s successful mobile advertising strategy heavily rely on native mobile Ads.

However, such a trending advertising technique is not widely known throughout marketers and/or consumers. I am 100% sure they’ve come across at least one of them (if of course they use Facebook’s mobile application), but the plethora of marketers and consumers are unaware of such trend.

Cyberblogger, conducted a survey aiming to identify that particular gap of knowledge. With almost 50% of respondents clueless to native advertising, and then another 48% with a shaky understanding, native advertising is an ambiguous advertising model. The infographic, along with the accompanying report, paints a great picture of where native advertising currently recites and what the future holds.

Copyblogger's 2014 State of Native Advertising Report
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