Top Mobile Weekly News – It’s all about the numbers

Last week marked the first week without a big event following new announcements and releases. As marketers and journalists we focused on data mining and mobile growth, trying to identify what is the aftermath of the expansion noted during the past few weeks. Mobile advertising is expected to rise sky high in the next couple of years, and that is due to mainly Facebook and Google; the two online giants are accountable for 2/3rd of the global mobile ad revenue share.

Lets take a closer look. Happy mobile reading!

  • Innovation & Mobile: According to a report by IBM, 84% of chief innovation executives plan to invest their 2014 efforts in mobile. Some more traditional companies may struggle to understand the importance in focusing on social mobile channels, however, they sure understand that mobile plays an important element, and to top that, 94% of CMOs believe that mobile apps will play a pivotal role in reaching their goals.
  • Mobile Search is growing: According to a recent study by Marin Software, almost half of all paid-search spend n the UK will account for mobile. And if that doesn’t sound good enough for you, consider that during 2013, advertisers in Europe increased their investment in mobile paid-search by 109%.
  • The battle of the Social Mobile Ads: Mobile advertising inemarketer-mobile-ad-revenue-worldwide social media is growing by the year.  Facebook reported back in Q2 2013 that over 30% of their Ad Sales come through mobile. However, this has only been beneficial for Facebook, as it’s the only social platform that sees extensive revenue growth for 2014 reaching 21.7% of the worldwide revenue share, while Twitter only grows by 0.2% when Google sees an almost 3% decline.
  • Facebook & Google: the social and online giants account for two-thirds of the world mobile ad sales ($18B in 2013).
  • Mobile advertising growth: in 2014 is expected to reach 75% growth from previous year. eMarketer reports that world mobile advertising revenue will reach $31.5 billion this year, thanks mainly to Facebook and Google as we also saw above.
  • Mobile proves: to be a big weapon in Google’s hands for the upcoming years. The search engine giant announced that a 19% of its paid search revenue in 2013 was driven via mobile. This number is expected to rise to 30% over the course of three years.

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