Top Mobile Weekly News – auto-playing videos, mPayments and MTT awards

Just a day late (our deepest apologies), but Mobile Marketing & Advertising weekly recap is here to give you an overview of the the most interesting news in the mobile industry.

Happy Mobile reading and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.

  • Mobile data surge in US: During the final quarter of 2013 mobile data services revenue accounted more than 50 percentof revenues for wireless companies generating almost $90B. While mobile users are looking for flexible and high quality data services, US carriers have set mobile data as the number one priority on their business road-map.
  • Facebook’s auto-playing video Ads: Facebook is rolling out 15-seconds auto-playing videos that will populate users’ screens. Videos will appear in user feeds muted and as soon as user user taps on it video ads will expand and un-mute. Do you think that Auto-playing video Ads can improve user engagement?

Mobile Apps

  • Mobile innovation from Starbucks: Starbucks keeps investing on mobile platforms and solutions that significantly increase user engagement and loyalty. In an effort to optimise their mobile payment system, Starbucks  will add two new features to its iPhone app on March 19. Those services are the so-called “Digital Tipping” and a new “Shake-to-Pay” feature.
  • Windows overtakes Blackberries:  Based on the latest (January 2014) U.S. smartphone subscriber market share, Windows Phones surpassed BlackBerry in the U.S. smartphone market by 3,2% market share.  With regards to mobile applications,  Facebook App (77.6%), Google Play (52.4%) , and YouTube (49,7) are featured at the top of the list.



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