Top Mobile Weekly News #4 – Shorties, MWC roundup & Ads deals

Happy Monday everyone. Here we come again with our latest mobile weekly news roundup. We spent a lot of time reading various articles last week and we collected what we felt were the highlights of the week it just went by.

Happy Mobile Reading!

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.05.22

  • Shorty awards: The finalists of the annual social media awards, Shorties, were announced last week and include a number of very interesting brands and campaigns that made the difference. Some of the categories are: ‘Best branded mobile application’, ‘Best mobile campaign’, ‘Best brand on Twitter, Instagram, Vine’.
  • Xbox goes mobile : Microsoft plans to push Xbox live to iOS and Android devices. The company aims to develop a consolidate mobile framework that enables Xbox features in the top mobile OS.
  • Yahoo keeps investing in mobile ads: Over the last months Yahoo has announced a series of mobile investments aiming to enhance the company’s mobile ads business. Recently Yahoo started testing native ads that enable users to download mobile apps without becoming intrusive. Similar to Facebook, Yahoo wants to attract more marketers and increase mobile engagement through the company’s digital assets.  Additionally, the company announced the acquisition of Vizify, a start-up that enables users to create visualisations of social-media data.


  • Digital Ads rule in the UK: Mobile ad spending in the UK is rising high, expected to become one of the primary advertising channels by 2017. By the same year the mobile ad revenues are  estimated to reach £6.27 billion. UK remains one of the matured mobile markets capable to drive digital innovation in the region.
  • MWC 2014 roundup: This was the year of branding and mobile devices. Marketers from around the world attended MWC 2014 to admire the likes of Coca Cola and Unilever, WhatsApp and Motorola. We also saw Nokia’s big strategic turn to Android, while Facebook unveiled plans beyond social networking. See more here.
  • BB messaging Ads: BlackBerry announced plans to start monetising their messaging platform by providing advertising real estate to marketers. Is it too late for the smartphone manufacturer to steer the boat in mobile advertising? Time will show.
  • Programmatic advertising “explained”: Still struggling with what programmatic advertising is? We found a somewhat thorough and explanatory visual representation published by iAB which tries to paint a picture around it.

mobile advertising graphic new png

  • Mobile advertising ecosystem 2014: Aren’t you tired already of these mobile advertising ecosystem graphs with various company logos, some you’ve never heard off, coming out every year? Well here is the latest one for 2014.
  • Instagram Ad deal: Instagram, a Faccebook company, has signed an advertising deal with Omnicom global advertising, marketing and corporate communications holding company. Based on the deal that is valued  about $100 million, brands that work with Omnicom will be able to promote images and videos in instagram feeds. Is this a promising move? Check an interesting opinion.


BonusSocial, Digital & Mobile Around The World (January 2014) Slidershare


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