Top Mobile News of the Week #2

In last week’s “Top Mobile News” we anticipated news for Whatsapp and 3 days after our post Facebook announced that acquires the messaging company. Inevitable this acquisition triggered numerous discussions in the mobile industry but in the weekly roundup “Top Mobile News” we present you some of the most interesting news in the mobile world.

Happy mobile reading!

  • An advertiser with the largest reach: InMobi is constantly growing on active users and reach, claiming to now have over 759 million active users. that makes the mobile advertising company the second largest consumer targeted medium, only second to Facebook.

Image via KLM

  • Citrix research: In their research, Citrix found that consumers believe mobile ads do not count against data quotas.  zdnet-citrix-mobile-report-q1-2014-620x344


Bonus: 20 business that change the way we work and we play.

Have a great week! 😉

Feel free to share your thoughts, comments or news!


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