Top Mobile News of the Week #1

We are glad to introduce a weekly column that intent to bring you the most important news in mobile marketing and advertising market. In the weekly Top Mobile News of the week we collect articles, surveys, announcements and news aiming to give you an easy reading overview of the global mobile industry.

Happy mobile reading!


  • The high usage of mobile messaging application has lead global tech companies to express a growing interest in applications that enable messaging and voice communications. This week Japan e-commerce giant Rakutencompany announced the acquisition of Cyprus based messaging and calling app Viber for $900 million. What about Whatsapp?
  • How often mobile ads appear in your daily gaming session? Very often. Angry birds will introduce in-game video ads in an effort to expand the advertising solution.Angry-Birds-Mobile-Ads
  • Numbers always say the truth. Check 25 stats that will drive the mobile marketing industry in 2014 (infographic).
  • Marketing company or a technological giant? Apple has always the way to attract the global interest. Apple’s latest ad was filmed entirely with iPhones.
  • The European mobile marketing industry and countries like UK set their sights on mobile gambling solutions. Analysts expect Mobile gambling revenues to increase sixfold to $62B globally by 2018. An important consideration for the US mobile marketing companies.Mobile-Gambling
  • In an effort to provide more robust and accurate reporting solution the online giant Google teamed up with ComScore to provide advertisers with real-time performance data. Eventually, Google’s goal is to bring more companies online and attract more advertiser that use TV as their primary platform (Read more).
  • Consumer Perception over mobile marketing has been a life long question for advertisers. Responsys just released a study to define the consumer perception, to find that customized campaigns and services.
  • Mobile advertising can be intrusive. Therefore a number of mobile companies try to alter the way they reach their audience by “tweaking” their campaigns. Audience interaction is crucial, and for that reason, a number of retail and auto giants have actually turned those “boring” banner ads into exclusive, interactive experiences (Read more).

Bonus: 50 most innovative companies on the planet from Fast Company


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