[INFOGRAPHIC] The Future of Native Mobile Advertising

In a previous article, we discussed and analyzed the current state of In-Stream Advertising and its effectiveness on mobile. We also named it one of our top 6 picks of mobile & tablet trends to evolve in 2014.

It is clear that Native Advertising is currently an extremely hot trend, and more particularly on social media platforms. All three giants of the social sharing industry (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) effectively use in-stream advertising techniques to improve CPMs (Cost per Message) and CTRs (Click Through Rates) on their platforms. Thus, Native Advertising is quickly becoming marketers’ preferred method for getting their message effectively across their target audience.

Recently we stumbled across a very interesting infographic from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions on the future of In-Stream Mobile Advertising projecting that the overall advertising spending on native advertising will reach over $6 billions by 2017 and that  native advertising will increase by 64% during 2014 only in mobile.

The _Rise_of_Native_Mobile_Advertising

Source: LinkedIn


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