2k14: A Year of Connected Mobile Campaigns

A  mobile & table marketing resolution for 2014

2013 was declared the year of Mobile (finally!). Organizations began embracing mobile into their marketing mix and marketers started allocating bigger budgets on their mobile initiatives for the forthcoming financial year. According to AdAge mobile saw a growth of 75% in 2013, compared to the previous year, emphatically showcasing that mobile is not considered as an emerging channel but rather an integral part of a marketer’s arsenal.

And if you missed this numbers you probably couldn’t miss the fact the social media giants turned to mobile advertising to either boost their profitability (i.e. Facebook reported 44% of their total advertising earnings for Q2 in 2013 was from mobile. A total of $656m), or try to dominate in mobile advertising  (i.e. Twitter acquired mobile advertising startup MoPub for $350m).

Now that we left 2013, our mind started focusing on what lays ahead for 2014. Custom content is the king towards the mobile expansion, and together with the multi-channel marketing approach, we will see more and more marketers focusing their efforts in identifying how to more effectively target their audience in 2014. Below we have listed our top 6 picks on what we think it will make a difference and further expand in mobile & tablet scene for the year ahead.

  1. Programmatic Buying
    It is not new. Programmatic Buying or Real Time Bidding (RTB) became very popular and rather an integral part in the mobile advertising ecosystem. Currently advertisers are spending more than anyone has expected in RTB. It’s rapid expansion and the need for instant, targeted and customized based on location media purchases, will lead RTB to the throne of the mobile advertising ecosystem. RTB is expected to account for up to 30% of worldwide mobile display advertising by 2015 as it is expected to solve the CPM (cost per message) problem and achieve higher rates than on any other channel.
  2. Multi & Cross-Screen Engagement
    Mobile is not considered the third screen any longer, moving up the ladder as the second most interactive screen in a person’s life. However, marketers should not consider mobile as a stand-alone-strategy and embed it into their overall marketing campaigns. Users are constantly bombarded with media whether on-the-go, at work or even at home. An effective marketing strategy is the one who perfectly blends in elements across-channels. In 2014 we will see more experiences that run across channels empowering users to continue their experience on different devices. Even though that can’t be the case for advertising, yet, marketing strategies will allow users to effectively switch between screens, from QR code scans and mobile messaging, to app downloads and responsive designed webpages.
  3. Mobile Email First
    Email marketing is not dead. It has simply become mobile first. We discussed about the potential and growth of such trend in a previous post (see here). A report from Cell Phone Activities reported that from 53% of the Americans who own a smartphone, receive emails via mobile. However, only 11% of those actually read them from mobile. That is die to the fact that emails are not designed with a mobile first notion and users get different experiences from different devices. Nevertheless, marketers and email providers have started looking towards a more mobile first approach for their email campaigns since the introduction of responsive email design. Such trend is expected to pick up during 2014 offering more engaging and user-friendly content either on mobile, on tablet or desktop.
  4. Native Advertising
    We’ve talked about native advertising in the past. And we are not the only ones as native advertising becomes a more direct and effective advertising method on both mobile and tablets. Mobile users tend to see Ads as intrusive to their “personal” mobile space. Native advertising comes to solve this exact problem by being “discreet” and blend in with the rest of the content. With an 18% higher purchase intention rates and 52% more chances of the Ad been shared by the user, native Ads are expected to become mainstream in 2014 as more and more publishers will seek to sponsor such Ads on their properties.
  5. Personalization and big data
    Marketers have already set their eyes on the bid data aiming to leverage personalization and segmentation. Personalized mobile flows and messages can play a significant role in user engagement especially during the current social media era where mobile user receive huge amount of information. The ability to create segments of targeted mobile users in a customer centric approach will continue to be the first priority for the marketers.
  6. Storytelling and Visualization
    Social media like instagram, vine, snapchat are growing rapidly while more mobile users are keen on these type of networks. Marketers will keep focusing on visualized elements (videos, images etc) in a short and emotional storytelling manner. This year, marketers will turn their efforts to create delightful and emotional experiences to leverage the mobile experience within the social media platforms.

So here you have it. Our top 6 trends that we look forward seeing expanding in 2014. Mobile is expanding as we speak with newly introduced companies popping up around the globe on a monthly basis. Companies try to distinguish themselves from competition by targeting marketers with niece solutions that can further segment the market. Soon we will not be talking about which company will emerge and  come up with the latest trend, but rather with who will survive in this brutal battle. Mobile is now where the Internet used to be back in 2005.


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