[INFOGRAPHICS] Naughty or Nice You go Mobile This Holiday Season

It’s this time of the year again when after stuffing our bellies with turkey and mash vegetables we feel the need, the urge, to do some serious shopping. Starting from Black Friday in the US and Canada leading to Christmas day and New Years Eve in a number of European countries, traditional holiday shoppers flock the mortal stores to either snatch that deal they had their eye on, or do gift shopping for their loved ones.

Over the years shoppers find alternative ways to do their holiday shopping. The latest advancement of the technology and the popularity smartphones gaining by the day, your traditional holiday shopper has transformed in to a mobile/tablet shopper.

2013 has proven to, finally, be the year of mobile. US mobile retail sales are expected to reach $34.2B by the end of 2013, compared to $20.9B of last year. Mobile commerce now accounts for a lucrative 15% of the total eCommerce sales. To top that, mobile is perceived as the number one ambassador for showrooming, as US retail consumers turn to their smartphones while browsing physical stores, investigating competitive products.

But don’t just take my word for it. The industry is filled with stats on the subject. I happened to come across four very interesting infographics discussing the importance of mobile in the overall shopping experience this holiday season.

  1. mCommerce Takes Off

    In this infographic Baynote aims to stress out the importance of mCommerce and its benefits for the marketers.

  2. Will mCommerce Overtake eCommerce?

    Big Commerce asks the question we all have in mind and elaborates on consumer behavior over both mobile and online (link).

  3. 2013 is The Year of Holiday Engagement on Mobile

    Sparked is as excited about the holiday season as we are. Their infographic elaborates on the expansion of mCommerce and app usage. The infographic also compares mobile shopping trends around the world.

  4. Holiday Panic – A Social & Mobile Timeline of Holiday Shopping

    Offerpop, a social marketing platform company suggests that we shouldn’t panic this upcoming holiday season but instead go more social and more mobile (link).


Happy Holidays!!


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