How to Effectively Overcome The Showrooming Trend


It has been a while since my last post on the Mobile Marketing & Advertising Stand, but trust me, it was a very good reason.

The past month I have been researching and working on a piece for Mobile Showrooming and the tactics that retailers and marketers need to employ to effectively overcome such barrier and engage their shoppers in physical stores. My piece was selected and publish yesterday by Business Insider under “8 Ways To Engage Shoppers From Mobile To Aisle”.

You may find the full article here, but I will give you a sneak preview of what I had to say on the subject.

“Many retailers seem to believe that the rise of “showrooming” — when consumers use a brick-and-mortar store to evaluate merchandise, but actually complete their purchases online at the lowest available price – represents a serious threat to their business.

There are a number of ways in order to prevent such activity. The following tactics can help you transform smartphones into a powerful channel to engage in-store customers in so many new ways: 

  • The Social Network into the in-store experience
  • Use QR codes to provide onsite-only offers and information
  • Support your stores with a mobile website
  • Create interactive ad placements around merchandise
  • Drive in-store traffic with mobile coupons
  • Make full use of SMS
  • Offer personalized pricing and lists
  • Deliver the right offers at the right place with geofencing

We are all well aware that some of the above tactics have been employed numerous times by brands and retailers in an effort to drive additional sales and leverage the well established engagement  with their consumers, but the products or the solutions do not always change. When employed effectively, they serve as the tools to a successful mobile strategy – the kind that will take a brand to the next level.

To access the full article and read more on the “8 Ways To Engage Shoppers From Mobile To Aisle” please visit Business Insider.


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