Mobile Marketing Trends to Evolve in 2012

About a week ago I was asked to contribute in Velti’s blog and contribute as an editor and write my personal thoughts on the five trends and services to evolve within 2012. From Video Advertising to Location based Advertising, here are my personal thoughts.

“Technology is evolving on a daily basis, enabling us to deliver campaigns that 3 to 5 years back were not an option. So this brings us to the main question: What is next in the mobile marketing industry?

There have been many speculations around what is the next advancement in mobile marketing. With so many promising mobile services to choose from, I’d like to take some time to emphasize my top 5 picks!


With mobile internet upgrading to faster speeds year by year, users will soon be able to opt-in, scan and analyze high quality video clips and images (instead of audio) to retrieve information for a particular brand or product that is featured within, for example, a TV ad.

Mobile Marketing Benefit: Engaging users with mCommerce on the spot. By scanning the actual video and its content (in contrast to audio only) advertisers are presented with the opportunity to identify user preferences and deliver more targeted ads. There is also a great opportunity for the mobile industry to move to the object or clip recognition technology, so retailers, CPGs, auto manufactures and F&Bs: be patient.  


Mobile video advertising enables consumers to choose to interact with ads on their most precious and personal gadget they possess: their mobile phones. And when consumers can choose to watch & interact with ads on their phones as opposed to being interrupted by them, they can share/recommend those ads across social media, copy and re-post them across hundreds of video-sharing sites, and much more.

Mobile Marketing Benefit: The opportunity to interact with the ad while it plays enables the advertiser to apply a more targeted mobile-optimized video campaign. Personalized advertising is key to the success of a mobile marketer. Reward your users and you will never miss out!


Combine both real-life rewards with virtual reality. Any action done over mobile phone can be rewarded with points/virtual goods, and those virtual goods can be converted into tangible rewards; i.e. the airline industry & miles.

This really is the present and not the future. But what does the future hold for gamification? There is the belief that by 2016, a gamified service for consumer goods marketing and customer retention will become as important as Facebook, eBay or Amazon. Gamification is very real, has tangible benefits, is here to stay, and it’s clear that any brand serious about innovation and improvement will have to look at this new tool in detail—most importantly the retail, automotive and hospitality industries.

Mobile Marketing Benefits: Since everyone carries their mobile device with them at all times with instant network access, mobile is the only marketing channel to be fully integrated in the real-time gamified experience.


Individually, they are two popular services heavily used by mobile marketers, but the real opportunity arises when you combine the two: a new momentum and seamless experience is created, that can be incorporated in various mobile marketing activities and campaigns. Since AR technology is implemented through mobile applications, mobile media distribution will be a big trend, influencing the way we make purchases & dramatically changing our shopping experience.

Mobile Marketing Benefit: This video see-through interface allows the user to discover what’s nearby by simply pointing the phone at any scene. Combined with the power of LBS to identify the user’s location, marketers can serve branded content for a user’s current location. Real-time offers, location-specific deals, coupon distribution, product catalogues, video advertising, and more are just some of the ways consumer experience & loyalty will ultimately be enhanced.


Location-Based Advertising differs from Location-Based Services in that LBA takes identification one step further: it reads exactly where you are, what kind of application you’re using, the content you prefer, and audience you belong to. LBA identifies and reaches individuals based on their exact position, delivering standard and rich media advertising content that

is personal, relevant and useful to the users. LBA is more than Geofencing—it’s the next step. It’s the art of knowing who your user is and his or her preferences, on top of the exact location and time of interest.

Mobile Marketing Benefit: The more personalized the mobile ad is the more effective and better received by the consumer. Retailers, brands, hospitality and customer service industries are just a few to mention that can successfully leverage such opportunity.”


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